The Heart You Break by Cynthia EdenThe Heart You Break Series: Wilde Ways #4
on June 25, 2019
Format: eBook
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Her new client is the bad boy of rock.

Security agent Julia Slate is going undercover. Her assignment? Protect rocker Bran Copper. He's sexy, has a reputation for living life to the extreme, and he's also the target of one very obsessed fan. Julia's job is to keep Bran safe...and the catch? Bran can't know that she's his bodyguard. Bran's manager has hired her because the star refuses to get protection. Bran just wants to be left alone. With his stalker escalating, that isn't an option. 

It should be easy to keep him at arm’s length. 

Julia pretends to be Bran's new assistant as she moves into his mountain home. She acts shy and reserved, a delicate flower who isn't a threat...when she can totally kick butt any day of the week. She will stay with Bran twenty-four, seven, and make sure he's safe. It's supposed to be business only, and there is no way the guy is her type. He's everything that she doesn't want in a lover. Right? But...the more time they spend together, the more she realizes that the bad boy? It's just an image he projects. There is a whole lot more to the real man.

But she’s lying to him.

Bran has been betrayed over and over again, and now Julia is lying to him, too. She thought her lies didn't matter. She thought she was keeping him safe, but she never expected to give her heart to the man she's been hired to protect.

He’s never met anyone like her.

Bran's new assistant is gorgeous, smart, and...making him crazy. He's used to women throwing themselves at him, used to people not caring about who he is—just that he’s famous. But Julia isn't like that. She touches something inside of him, she makes him want, makes him crave everything that he's never had. Soon Bran can't imagine ever letting her go. He needs her, he wants her, and what Bran wants…he gets.

As the threats keep mounting, as the stalker closes in, will Bran be able to forgive Julia when he learns the truth? Or will they crash and burn? Because THE HEART YOU could be the one that matters most.

Author's Note: Ready for sin and rock? Because Bran is one sexy singer, and Julia is a bodyguard who will do anything to protect her man. But as Bran falls for Julia, as the lies twist around them, things are going to become wild and dangerous. No cliff-hangers. This book can be read as a stand-alone. So have fun and rock on! 

I wasn’t planning on reading this book today, but when I read the beginning couple of pages, I just…kept reading. I couldn’t help myself! This series is really doing it for me!

I’m not one for rockstar romances, but Cynthia Eden made me love hers. Bran Copper is your stereotypical moody, party boy, womanizing rocker. Isn’t he? When Julia is asked to go undercover as his PR assistant, she tells her boss no. But her boss Eric Wilde of Wilde Security knows she’ll be the best for this job, so he won’t let her turn him down.

Bran is hiding in his mountain cabin to write his next album. But he has a stalker who isn’t going to let him get away. The threatening letters have escalated to breaking and entering. Bran won’t let his manager hire a bodyguard, so when Julia shows up on his doorstep claiming she’s his new assistant, he’s not exactly thrilled.

Julia is good at her job. She looks tiny and delicate, but she can knock a man on his back in no time. Being Bran’s bodyguard isn’t easy, though, since he can’t know that’s what she is. She doesn’t like lying to him, and the closer they get, the more she hates the lies between them. But she doesn’t have a choice. And if he found out she’d lied? He’d kick her out. She’ll have to keep lying to keep him safe.

In typical Cynthia Eden fashion, this book is suspenseful and sexy. Her plots are well thought out, and she never takes the predictable route. With excitement and danger waiting on each page, I couldn’t flip pages fast enough!

***ARC courtesy of the publisher via Netgalley