Oh Gerard, What ever are we going to do with you?
I’ve been on a Gerard Butler kick and recently rented a few of his past movies. This photo is from the movie Atilla, yes he played the Atilla the Hun. This movie was not good. But the endless scenes of our star in masculine Hun warrior attire or Greek togas gets 5 Stars for visual appeal. Look at him! He is a sexy thing with that long hair and gorgeous eyes. WOW!
 I went to see BOUNTY HUNTER this week and thought it was great. A good romantic comedy and wonderful “DATE” movie with my hubby.
My only wishes was that there was more then one scene of Gerard in a towel! Not enough skin in this one.
I also rented Gamer “snore” can you say too much visual effects and action? Well, the movie didn’t allow Gerard to shine, in male physique or acting skills. But we still love you!