Lord of the Abyss (Royal House of Shadows, #4)Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

This book was fantastic! Absolutely one of my favorites this year. Why not 5 flames you ask? One thing-this was the last book in the series The Royal House of Shadows, and I felt very little closure at the end. The book as a stand-alone could be a fiver, but…it isn’t a stand-alone.

But the parts that wowed me? Let me tell you-the heroine is the Blood Sorcerer’s daughter Liliana. She is also very unattractive. And you know what, by a third of the way in, she wasn’t so unattractive to me anymore. I began to see her through Micah’s eyes.

Micah, oh sweet, innocent Micah. The best virgin hero I’ve ever EVER read. He maintains his childlike innocence throughout his horrible life as the Lord of the Abyss. He is basically an angel of death to those evil souls who spend their eternity in the Abyss. But through it all, he carves out his own life, and has two friends. He is very solitary, and has never craved anything the way he finds himself craving this very brave, very ugly Liliana. But he doesn’t just see Liliana’s features. He sees a woman willing to look him in the eye, one who doesn’t fear him, or who isn’t only near him for the danger. She is in earnest, she is humbling, and she is soft in all the right places.

Liliana fears what Micah will do once he finds out she is the Blood Sorcerer’s daughter, no, actually she knows what he will do-he will hate her for eternity. Pain she can handle, but she doesn’t want Micah’s hate. Especially not after she’s finally earned his trust.

The epilogue was nice, but I wish we’d seen more interaction between the siblings. The action scenes were wonderful, the love scenes so so SO sweet and hot and I’m running out of adjectives! I admit I am new to Nalini Singh’s writing as this is only the third of her books I’ve read, but she has such a seductive style of writing and I can’t put her books down!

The romance was more than I’d hoped for. It was true, it was sweet, and it was so lovely. After you see Liliana through Micah’s eyes, you’ll love her too.

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