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So in honor of this Memorial Day Holiday Weekend,
I’ve got Man Candy with a little Military flair!
Alright men, fall in!
Reasons Why Men in Uniform Are So Attractive to Women

Women find men in uniform virtually irresistible. Why is that? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? What is it about a sharp-dressed man that makes a grown woman weak in the knees? Why does an otherwise articulate woman suddenly feel she has a mouth full of marbles and can only seem to utter a schoolgirl giggle.

There are a number of reasons that men in uniform are sexy. I’m going to go over the top reasons.

• Men in uniform appear responsible. Someone wearing a uniform has a responsibility to their position, to their country, or their team. Women like knowing a man is responsible. She assumes that responsibility may spill over into other areas.

• Men in uniform appear to be committed. Commitment is something men often shy away from, but a man in uniform at least shows he can commit to something. That’s always a good start, right ladies? He’s committed to his profession. He’s committed to his sport. He’s committed to his country. He’s committed to his buddies. Will be as committed to you?

• Men in uniform appear clean and tidy. Let’s face it, men can be slouchy and untidy. A man in uniform is crisp and clean, at least initially. A little bit of hard-earned dirt and grime can be pretty sexy too. But who keeps him starched, clean and tidy? Will it be you?

• Men in uniform wear fitted clothing in good condition. Uniforms are rarely, if ever, in the wrong size or in need of repair. They would have to work really hard at looking slouchy in fitted clothing.

• Men in uniform exude confidence. Men in uniform tend to stand taller and speak clearer. Women love a confident man. Men know it too, ladies.

• Men in uniform represent authority. Men in uniform tend to command respect just by the authority they seem to represent. They then act accordingly. It is extremely rare for a man in uniform to act out of character. He knows he’s being watched.

In Conclusion
All that stuff above and they are SEXY AS HELL!

DL 🙂