Spontaneous Fiction Friday
w/Candi Fox
Today’s story comes from my partner in crime and friend, Candi Fox. Aspiring author, radio personality and weilder of all things naughty.
This was her inspiration photo for the story….
Jenna sat in the wood land glade wondering to herself for the 100th time what she was doing here. What had she been thinking? Ahh yes! You are a 20 year old virgin and you really need to get laid. Who better than Jesse Wolfe the new guy in town?

Besides the fact that he was drop dead gorgeous he smelled of the woods, the wild and magick. Jenna was a seventh generation witch. She was also the seventh daughter of a seventh son. She had heard the same prophecy since she was three years old. She would mate with a wolfman and give birth to a powerful wizard one the likes of which had not been born in over 700 years.

The prophecy didn’t say she had to be a virgin. So when she first spotted Jesse, she had known he would be her first. Something deep within her stirred at the very sight of him. It was more than hormones. It was something more primal. Something wild, free, and unfettered.

She could feel the thrum of his energy before he broke into the clearing. Sweat dripped off his naked torso. His strides were hurried but not rushed as if he had some place important to get to. He stopped just outside of the ring of trees turning his nose to the sky and deeply inhaling. He found her then. It was as if he picked up her scent as soon as he cleared the woods.

He turned too looked at her covering the distance with long sure strides. His muscles rippling he looked like some beast stalking it’s prey. He moved with such fluid grace she had never seen anything like it. Her breath became quicker she was nearly panting by the time he reached her. He looked down at her taking in her scantily clad attire the picnic basket, her luscious curves.

He never said a word. In one quick motion he was on top of her kissing her. His lips punishing hers. For the briefest moment she thought of protesting then he parted her mouth with his tongue expertly delving into the depths of her mouth. She melted against him her body reacting to his touch. She could feel dampness begin to spread on her panties. Her nipples became erect as he continued to kiss her.

She heard a low growl emit from his throat and opened her eyes long enough to look into his. What she saw startled and amazed her…

Okay, now it’s your turn to continue the story….
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