How to Be Popular
How to be Popular
by Meg Cabot
3 out of 5 Flames

Ok, now don’t laugh…. I know this is NOT the normal book review you see posted on my site. In my defense, I must say that I love my local library and often stop there to pick up my latest fix of audio books.
In this case, I noticed this fun cover and the blurb made me want to find out more.

How to be Popular would be considered YA and is a fun and charismatic book. Suitable for all ages, this story broached the subject of popularity and highschool; something I believe every reader can relate to.

In the book, our main character “Crazy Top”, to her friends or Stephanie to the others; finds a book that she believes is the end to her UNpopularity. She is determined to change her status on the popularity ladder and implements a plan to make her upcoming Junior year in highschool different. Along the way her brilliant plan may have it’s flaws, threatening to break the only true friendship she’s had since grade school; with Jason. As we ride the rollercoaster known as “teen girl” emotions, it brings me back to all the things I loved and hated about highschool.

All in all, I loved the idea of this story and the trip down memory lane. A great read for everyone.