Sin Undone

Smokin Hot!
  My rating: 4 flames
When we last saw Sin, she’d taken over the assassin’s den to help save her brother Lore and his angel Idess. Now she’s stuck in the den, because any time she leaves, she’ll have a giant target on her back. Anyone who wants her power would have to kill her to get it, but if she stays in her den, she’s safe from any violence. Unfortunately she can’t stay in there forever.

I really loved Con and Sin together, and I liked breaking through Sin’s “tough-guy” exterior to her gooey center. Con was an excellent match for her, and the glimpses he’d see of Sin, you know, the kind that would make him want to know more about her, they made ME want to know more about her as well.

I liked seeing Sin finally embracing her new brothers, not just keeping them at arm’s length. And I enjoyed seeing the side storyline of Luc and Kar. I really REALLY love how Larissa Ione will have a side story of characters who we get to see throughout, kind of like Gem and Kynan. We get invested in them and care, just as much as we do about her main characters.

There was just so much happening but I never felt confused, which was nice. I also liked a few scenes dealing with the born vs. turned wargs. And in one scene, Sin reminds Con that he won’t get special privileges if he beats up on her brother. I won’t tell what those privileges are, but it was my favorite part of the book. It diffused the tension and cracked me up. Love Sin’s sense of humor.

I was sad to see this be the end of the Demonica series, but I am so super excited for the next series. we got a mini little intro into that storyline towards the end…and I just adored seeing Con get possessive over Sin when War came in to the hospital. Best scene ever.

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