Today I was in Seattle, WA. and had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with author Alexis Morgan. Her real name is Pat Pritchard, and the pen name Alexis Morgan was created specifically for the Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance genre. Pat agreed to do an interview with me about her new book, Defeat the Darkness, while I was in the Seattle area. I must tell all the readers what a funny, interesting and vivacious individual she is. We instantly bonded about mutual interests in books and the characters that lie within them.

       Alexis shared with me that it was the sole effort of a dear friend and fellow author Janice Kay Johnson, that led her down the path to writing. After meeting Janice through mutual friends and discovering that she was a Harlequin Super Romance novelist, they were soon discussing content and ideas about the novels Janice would soon write. In 1990 Janice suggested that she take the leap and write a book of her own. Her first novel, Rough Edges, was published in 1993.
       Alexis‘s newest release, Defeat the Darkness, marks a personal milestone, being her 20th novel she has published to date. This is the 6th book of the Paladin series and another edition in the ultimate fight between “darkness and “light”.

Below I’ve included a list of Q&A that her inquiring readers would like to know:
Q: For those readers that haven’t discovered your Paladin series yet, please give me three words to draw them in.
A: Wounded Soul Warriors

Q: What gave you the inspiration to write the Paladin series?
A: While writing my westerns I had the idea of a series dealing with warriors “fighting at the edge of light and dark”.

Q: Who is your favorite Paladin Warrior?
A: “Blake Trahern, he lives so close to the edge of darkness and to crossing. but holds on and still finds the courage to fall in love with Brenna”.

Q: DJ’s Blog is a popular place to stop on the your website, do you manage the daily banter between the Paladin characters and fans?
A: “I do manage the Blog myself and take DJ on the road as well. He has even done interviews with characters from fellow author’s books”.

Q: Do you have any must-haves while writing?
A: “I require the perfect pen (a PENTEL-Energel pen with purple ink) and music. I prefer red dirt rock, a mix of blues and Southern rock. My favorites are Randy Rogers band and Cross Canadian ragweed”.

Q: What is the first book you remember reading and falling in love with?
A: “The Queen Bee by Edna Lee written in 1949, although I read it much later than that since it came out before I was born. By today’s standards this novel would be considered a Gothic romance”.

Q: How many books do you have planned for the Paladin series?
A: “At this time the Penn Sebastian’s story continues in the anthology “Darkness on Fire” and is slated for release in January 2011. Soon after, the books for Larem q’Jones and DJ will release mid-year back to back.” Pat also mentioned that she sees stories in the future for Jake, Chase and Lonzo. I also find the idea of setting an entire book in Kalitha with Sworn Guarding Berk as the hero intriguing.

Q: Any further plans for another Paranormal Romance series?
A: “Yes, but nothing definite.
Spending time with Alexis was like chatting with a close friend, discussing current authors we love and books we can’t wait to read. She is an avid reader and didn’t hesitate to tell me about her favorite warriors, vampires and demons whose stories our lives would be so bland without. We, as readers, can look forward to much more from Alexis Morgan and I for one can’t wait!