How to Marry a DukeHow to Marry a Duke by Vicky Dreiling

My rating: SMOKIN HOT!

This book kept me up all night reading. I both love and hate that! lol

But this is a different take on an Historical Romance. Any Bachelor fans out there? This book takes the Bachelor back to Regency England and throws in some fun twists. I’m actually not a fan at all of the TV show. So why on earth would I read a book based on said show? Let me tell you a little story. Everyone I know who has read this has loved it!
I saw it at Target and picked it up. (I’m such a dork I took a pic of myself buying the book and tweeted it to the author…yep I’m lame)

I thought I might read a bit before dinner, and next thing I know, dinner’s late, the kids are whining that they’re hungry, and I’ve lost all track of the time.

I ended up reading til something crazy like 2am, but it was soo worth being tired the next day.

Basically, a young lady has taken it upon herself to matchmake with the wallflowers of the balls. And she’s not only successful, she’s making love matches for them. Most of the ton believes she’s an eccentric spinster, but since her behaviour is otherwise beyond reproach, no one really pays much attention to her. Until the Duke of Shelbourne meets her.

He has been declared the most eligible bachelor by the scandal sheets. Even though he wants to settle down and find a bride, his mother believes his should be a love match, whereas Tristan feels it should be a well-thought out decision. After meeting the prim Miss Mansfield, he feels he should hire her to find his bride. But he has no idea her matches are love matches, and he wants no such thing.

Tessa is determined to open Tristan’s heart to love. And since his stipulations on his future wife are so critical, Tessa changes tactics. She invites 24 of the ton’s finest young ladies to her house for a meet and greet. Let the games begin.

Tristan endeavors to beat Tessa at her own game, while Tessa just wants Tristan to at least attempt to like his future wife. But Tessa has a deep dark secret. And that awful secret comes out at the most unfortunate time- a group date to the opera. In fact, so much happens from that point on that I had to finish the book to see what the big secret was, to see how it would affect Tessa and Tristan, and I just had to find out!

My favorite quote was during a certain carriage ride, where Tessa and Tristan had gotten a little naughty:

“We must talk.”
An arrested expression crossed her face. “I do not think that is a good idea.”
“Tess, we’ve no time to argue now.”
She inhaled sharply. “I am deeply sorry for seducing you. It did not occur to me that you would become so distraught.”
“What?” Had she forgotten to pack her brains?
“You must not worry, for I will still respect you tomorrow.” She paused. “But…”
Tristan gaped at her.He must have pleasured her senseless.
A knock sounded at the door. They both turned to stare at it. Then she glanced at him and said in a rush “I hope you will forgive me, but I cannot make an honest man out of you.”

My favorite part of the whole book was later on, after Tessa’s past had come back to bite her in the bum, Tristan told her off, leaving no room for her to doubt that he blamed her for the trouble that could potentially ruin his family. Tristan’s mother, finally forced him to see something.

“I cannot imagine how she’s endured all these years,” his mother said. “She must have been terrified that night at the opera.”

Tristan stared at his mother as one realization after another slammed into his brain. “She never showed it. He coerced her, but she walked out of the box with her head held high…She’s the bravest person I’ve ever met.”

I think I just fell a bit in love with Tristan at that point in the book.

The only ONLY reason I didn’t give this book 5 stars is because the ending felt really rushed. I mean if you’ve got a 400 page book, what’s 5 or 10 more pages? But on the whole, this was a fabulous, fun and witty novel. Go in expecting it to be a light and fun adventure, and you won’t be disappointed. Kudos, Vicky Dreiling for making me into a fan of your Bachelor.
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