Oh my, what a whirlwind ride this romance has been.

Black Royce is all things dark and sexy, sensual heat drips from every pore. He is a very powerful Master, a warrior able to leap time and faced with the task of protecting innocence and mankind. Royce is the picture of control and one of the most powerful Masters of the brotherhood.

Royce has been sent into the future and face to face with his fate…

Allie Monroe is an heiress, but she is so much more than that, She has a secret, a special ability since birth that only gets stronger with each passing year. Allie is a healer, she possesses a pure white healing power that can cure any illness… except death.
Royce is hurtled through time to the future, into the year of 2007. As pain assaults his body and senses from the leap, slowly it eases and his power returns. He is there on the Monroe estate and can sense her. He is drawn to her, pulled by the pure white light that envelops her. She is his Ailios, his innocent to protect.

This book held many twists and turns, but most importantly it grabs you and takes you on a wonderful journey. We get to be re-acquainted with Masters Aidan and MacNeil, meet new enemies and join the fight for the love of a lifetime. Nothing is quite was it seems and the future is most definitely NOT written in stone. This is a rollercoaster of passion, heat and adventure he don’t want to miss.