Okay, followers, I need your help on this! I WILL be going to RomCon this year, BUT I would like to participate in this contest and go for free (registration at least)
If we can team up with one another, the more of us can go for free as well!

Special Promotion! Come to RomCon™
2010 for FREE!
It’s easy. We want you to join us for a crazy, fun weekend celebrating the romance stories you love to read. And now it’s a better deal than ever. All you need to do is register and pay for your ticket, then get 2 additional people to register and pay. Then we will refund the base price of your registration (up to $125). And if your friends each get 2 attendees to register and pay, they will be refunded their base ticket price, too!! (This promotion is only available for READER registrations.)

RomCon ™2010 for FREE–you can’t afford to miss it!

And here’s the fine print:

•Refunds will not be given in an amount in excess of the purchase price of the base ticket and is not to exceed $125

•An attendee will not be granted more than one free ticket
•To be eligible for your free ticket, you must have registered and paid for that ticket (otherwise no refunds can be given)
•Your 2 referrals must reference your name or registration ID on their registration
•Your 2 referrals must register and pay before your refund will be processed
•This promotion expires at midnight on June 30, 2010

If you are interesting in teaming up and referring  me & I refer you, Please comment below & email me at [email protected]

We can help our fellow bloggers save money! and get the chance to go to a great convention.