3.5 out of 5 flames

For eight years Nic, Duke and Tira have danced around an attraction that they can’t give in to, because of Tamara’s “gift” of foresight. When she touches someone’s skin she can see a piece of their future, with Nic it was his death. Duke, on the other hand seems to be immune from Tira’s gift, but neither one is willing to betray Nic by giving in to their attraction. However, one mission goes horribly wrong and after facing death, and the loss of the men she loves, they can no longer deny what they all know is meant to be. But how can Nic and Tira ever be with each other if she can’t touch him? How can Tira and Duke have a relationship always knowing a huge part of the puzzle is missing? And how can they even think about love when the mysterious woman is still out there threatening everyone they hold dear?

We briefly met Nic, Duke and Tira in Kiss of Moonlight. Nic and Duke are soldiers who serve with Kyle, and Tira will lend her particular gift to the cause if they need information from, less than forthcoming prisoners. Unlike Kiss, there’s a lot of tortured angst going on in this book. Understandable, when you’re having to deal with three people fighting their own demons instead of one or two. However, the relationship between Nic and Duke is nice, because while they both love Tira there’s really no clichéd scene where one gets all pissy that the other had alone time with her. They’re secure enough in their friendship, which is basically a brotherhood, to be able to step back and give the other time to spend with the woman they love. And it ‘s nice that Tira never really has a moment of worry over how other people will think of the relationship, or will they think she’s a whore, etc. Basically what sets the story apart from other ménage stories is that all the angst really stems from either Tira’s gift and its curse or the circumstances happening around them and not from the relationship itself. That’s a refreshing change of pace.

Is it worth it when they finally get together? Oh yeah.