Dragon WarriorDragon Warrior by Meagan Hatfield

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

This is the short story before Shadow of the Vampire and I really enjoyed seeing Sparrow and Kestrel, but it was too short.

I love that Kestrel has a prosthetic because so often it’s hard to have a disabled hero, let alone a disabled dragon shifter. His leg is taken by a silver battle ax (silver is deadly to the dragons) courtesy of a horde vampire. Sparrow is a healer, like her father before her. She is nothing like the mad scientist he was though…or is she?

When she can’t heal the Captain’s leg, she grabs one of her father’s old books and some pins and screws…does that make her as mad as her father? Sparrow refuses to dwell on that and instead focuses on giving Kestrel a chance at being a warrior again.

I think that the romance was sweet, and it starts out with a battle scene, so that was pretty rockin’ but I wanted more.

I did however enjoy Sparrow’s first Change and how she went to get her man! It was sweet.

It lacked word-building, BUT if you read it after Shadow of the Vampire rather than before, you won’t mind at all.

I really hope Meagan Hatfield has some more planned for us with this series.

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