3 out of 5 flames

Kaine is the only female lucani soldier but rather than feel isolated, she’s been accepted as an integral part of the fold. During a dangerous mission she meets a human, John, whose sister has been kidnapped by the woman their kind are trying to find and stop. After retrieving his sister, John decides that he’d like to forget everything about the people he’s met. Kaine, however, can’t forget the man she was starting to fall in love with and even months after he’s gone from her life she still is harboring a broken heart. On top of that she’s lost her ability to shift and has suddenly developed a new power. John, is hiding with his sister after a kidnapping which they both have fuzzy memories of. Evie says she’s fine, but weird things have started to happen when she gets upset, and adding to John’s stress is the fact that he keeps having vivid dreams of a woman he’s sure he’s never met. One night in a bar John sees the woman from his dreams sitting alone, and after she agrees to go home with him he realizes his dreams are about to become a reality. However fantasy quickly turns into surreal fact when John’s sister has a meltdown after meeting Kaine, and suddenly he has to not only believe in magic but believe that he’s been here before and chose to forget the woman he’s falling for. Now he’s not only going to have to believe in the impossible, he’s going to have to ask them for help to finally stop the woman who’s been causing so much pain. And he’s going to need a little good old-fashioned luck to keep Kaine in his life, this time for good.

My biggest problem with this story was the ending. It was extremely anticlimactic. The whole reason given for the mysterious woman’s actions is,either too simplistic and hazy or there’s more than meets the eye. Either way it leaves you with “Huh, so that’s it? Hmm.” However, the chemistry between Kaine and John is scorching. Honestly if it weren’t for their story, I might have given this a 2.5 flames. However, all their red hot chemistry isn’t enough in light of the weak plot points surrounding this story, especially after reading the previous two so close to this one. Seems everything is tidied up a bit too easily.

That’s not to say it’s a bad read. It was definitely entertaining, and with the promise of more in the series I’m definitely still interested in what happens next.