Andrew Whitehill
Andrew began training with weights when he was 17. Prior to that he worked on farms doing hard labor from age 11 until he began training. Andrew says he’s worked many jobs in my life and even has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, but actually didn’t get into fitness modeling until the spring of 2010. He has always enjoyed the challenge he gets from bodybuilding and dieting, and recently competed in his first show in September of 2010; the NPC Chamberlain Cup. Andrew ended up taking 2nd place & qualifying for national level competition. Right now he is focusing on more modeling and possibly competing again this summer. He is always available to help people with their diets and/or exercise routines, and really enjoys making differences in people’s lives! 

I love featuring fitness models and admire thier dedication to the sport of body building. Andrew is a truly sincere and wonderful person and a pleasure to call my friend.
oh… and not to hard on the eyes either!
I hope to see more of Andrew modeling in the future.
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