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Book one of The Girlfriend Series – Chloe’s Book

In the work place, we all know there are boundaries. One of those boundaries is Never Date Your Boss, especially if he is a playboy and you just had your heart broken. When Chloe Lambert finds herself down on her luck, none other than her hunky CEO boss, Garrett Nolan, steps in to rescue her, offering her temporary shelter at his ranch. Now, her boss is looking more appealing, and her friends can’t agree on whether she should sleep with him or not. Don’t even mention the fact she just learned he has a soft spot for kids and is using the ranch to help sick kids. What’s a girl to do when it feels so right?

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About the Author:

MaggieKayeWhen Maggie Kaye was in college, she and a friend attempted to write their first romance book. They actually never reached the writing part.  Mostly, they lay in the sun, brainstormed, laughed, and snacked, typical behavior for young college students with short attention spans.

Maggie went on to earn a teaching credential in special education and a career in teaching. Although they never completed that first book, the desire to tell stories remained with her. Eventually, she took out a writing pen or in her case a notebook computer her hero (husband) bought her to pursue her dreams and wrote the end.

Today, Maggie lives in the Southern California with her husband, two children, and two cats that sometimes share the keyboard with her.  She enjoys writing stories with plenty of heart, humor and a bit of steaminess.

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So Right With You Excerpt

Garrett lay across Chloe like a tapestry, his arm across her back and his leg pressed firmlyagainst her rear. It would have been a dream waking up next to Garrett if it weren’t for the

realization that his parents and sister had arrived for their planned weekend. She could hear them

moving around downstairs, talking. It was only a matter of time before they decided to climb the

stairs and locate him.

“Shoot, shoot, shoot,” she muttered under her breath.

If they didn’t get a move on, there was a good chance his family would find the two of them

in bed together.

Chloe gave Garrett one last lingering look.

“Garrett. Garrett,” Chloe whispered. When he didn’t respond, she gave him a hard shove to

the shoulder.

“Ouch. What was that for?” His eyes cracked open as he rubbed the spot.

“Your parents are here.”

“What?” Garrett asked, scratching his head.

“I said your parents are here. They’re downstairs,” she muttered a little louder.

“My parents are here?” Garrett sat up, slowly taking in the situation.

“Yeah, and if you don’t want them to find us in bed, you’d better move.”

She gave him a look of frustration and another push that was harder than the last, practically

sending him skidding off the mattress. She shot out of bed, grabbing jeans, T-shirt, and

underwear from the dresser before running into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

“Jeez, Red. You were much nicer last night. So much for the afterglow,” he grumbled.

He heard the sound of voices coming up the stairs.

He had hoped for a repeat of what they had shared last night, some early morning delight.

Instead, he had to make a quick escape to avoid being caught by his parents like a teenager with

first lust. He gathered his clothes from the floor and crept out of the bedroom.

His parents and sister were rounding the curve in the staircase. His father was carrying the

luggage, and his mother was behind him chatting incessantly. His teenaged sister was occupied

with accessing her text messaging. Luckily, none of them had spotted him yet. He slid past the

stairwell, raced to his room, skidded to a stop inside, and slammed the door behind him just as

they reached the landing.

That was close. Too close.

Then he remembered.

They always stayed in the room Chloe was in.


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