The Sinners Club (Sinners Club #1) by Kate PearceThe Sinners Club by Kate Pearce
Series: The Sinners Club
Published by Aphrodisia, Kensington on 12/31/2013
Genres: Erotic Romance, Regency Romance
Pages: 304
Format: eBook
Source: NetGalley
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Total Pleasure 

Unsure of his reception, Jack Lennox adopts the guise of his own secretary upon returning to his ancestral home to claim his father's earldom. When he arrives, he's stunned to discover the previous earl's lovely young widow, a woman of beguiling curves and sensual smiles, warming the bed...

Absolute Surrender 

Mary Lennox is determined to remain in Pinchbeck Hall and a mere secretary isn't going to tell her otherwise. But Jack Smith is a man of many talents and soon she's succumbing to his erotic games of pleasure. Only Mary may have underestimated the intensity of her wanton longings and the depths of Jack's dark desires...

Note: This book is about Jack Lennox who you met first in SIMPLY SCANDALOUS.

Well hello randy Regency!  Let’s see…historical fiction?  Check.  Menage?  Check.  Inheritance dispute?  Check.  Intrigue? Check.  Yep, I think this book has it all.

Jack Lennox is trying to lay claim as the Earl of Storr (a title inheritance he just discovered) but there is one teensy problem: the pregnant wife of the former earl that it seems no one knew about until now.  So Jack disguises himself as his own solicitor and goes off to the estate to see what all the hubbub is about.  He finds “siblings” Mary Lennox and her ‘brother’ Simon Picoult entrenched at Pinchbeck Hall and just as ready to defend their claim as he is to discredit it.  Immediately Jack can sense something is a little different about their relationship and sets about to find out what that is.  To his great surprise what he discovers is two people whose sexual appetites run closer to the tastes of Jack and members of his inner circle.  So who says seducing them both while trying to undermine their claim to the estate is a bad thing?  All that matters is that they all get satisfaction in the end, right?

Needless to say Jack and Mary wind up falling for each other, after a lot of back and forth and self recriminations and pointing blaming fingers and other horribleness, etc.  Got a little old and cliche at times in that regard.  Plus his relationship with Simon comes off more real and emotional than anything he eventually has with Mary.  In fact the sex scenes with Jack and Simon were a lot more titillating than the ones with Mary, so thank heavens there’s some menage thrown in.

And oh my, the sex scenes.  Rowr!  Hot, hot, hot.  But what else do you expect from Kate Pearce?

While the cliche love triangle exists, there’s enough plot twists and character driven moments to more than make up for it.  If you like Historical Erotica, then this is definitely a read for you!