I just loved Caitrina as our heroine. She is fiesty, intelligent, a tad naive, and super cute. I love how she meets our hero Jamie. She climbed a tree to help her brother get a kitten down, but had to undress out of her fabulous gown to do so. Her brother takes off with his kitten, leaving Caitrina stuck up the tree in nothing but her sark and with no help in sight…or is there?

A mysterious man on horseback who is at the clan gathering for the games rescues her and leaves her breathless…

Jamie Campbell, the Earl of Argyle’s Henchman and cousin has few friends and a reputation for being the monster in the closet. Really he’s a very honorable man who happens to be related to the infamous Earl of Argyle. He has no friends among the clan Lamont, and yet seeks Caitrina’s hand in marriage. She is repulsed by her response to him. She cannot believe her father actually likes the henchman. ugh! Until she gets to know him. But will her pride keep them apart?
Yes, for a while, but her clan is torn apart and most of her family killed and she blames Jamie…it takes months for him to find her to make sure she’s alright. He saved her from a rape and a fully engulfed castle fire, but she doesn’t remember it. It takes a lot of sweet seduction and gentle patience for Jamie (a supposedly emotionless man)to woo Caitrina, but even towards the end she can’t give him her trust. When it finally happens, though, it is sweet, and so worth it.
This is one of my favorite Historical romances of all time. I loved it.
This was a definite 5 stars.