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Amethyst Heat

Dear Demonlover followers,

I don’t typically post about my own work, but this is a freebie, so I don’t feel too bad šŸ˜‰

Amethyst Heat is a short stand-alone that you can read here

This is the Goodreads blurb:

“While out riding, Meg McMurray finds herself on unfamiliar lands. Gone are the long expanses of Oklahoma prairie, and in front of her are the wild Scottish Highlands. How did she come to be there, and did Aunt Gilly’s amethyst ring have anything to do with it?

A sweet romance set in the Highlands, free on-line.”

I’m hard at work on my novella Highland Games and the next full-length book Highland Betrayal, both set in the Magic in the Highlands series. Hopefully this will tide you over until they’re published. My website is always current.

As always,

Your Highland Hussy