Laird of Darkness
My rating: 4 of 5 flames

I received this as an ARC from

This novella had a rocky start for me. I didn’t like the heroine. That, for me, is always a big deal. I think I can handle a jerk of a hero better than a heroine I dislike. But I changed my mind about halfway through, so I must applaud the author for that turnaround.

Since I did have a change of heart, I’m not going to bother with what bugged me about the beginning, but I will say that I LOVED how the hero may not quite be a hero, and that the villain of the piece isn’t quite a villain.
The hero Duncan MacDougall, Laird of Darkness, sees his half brother’s intended and her entourage on their way to meet his half-brother (through the same fae mother, but with different lairds as fathers), and he abducts Lady Alana. His purpose is to trade the lovely Lady Alana for a magical bow called the Dealanach of which his brother the MacLeren is the keeper. One big giant piece of info you will need is that the demons from the Otherworld try to steal Duncan back every night. The arrows that bow shoots will keep the beasts at bay. His mother never got the chance to gift him one of his own, so his whole life has been about stealing his brother’s bow. (see what I meant about the hero not necessarily being the hero?)

Lady Alana proves too tempting for Duncan, and the two of them have some steamy sex! I think Nicole North has amazing sex scenes, I mean whew, I had to fan myself!

They fall in love, and when MacLeren tried to retrieve his bride, he stole the wrong woman! I cracked up at how Lady Alana handled that! The only thing really bothered me, was I HATED how the ending was so abrupt and unfulfilling. Really incredibly abrupt. But I still enjoyed the steamy sexy novella and will read more from Nicole North.

A quick erotic paranormal read, I’d say anyone in need of a Highlander fix or a druid fix would really enjoy this novella.
[and a quick side note-HEELLLLLOOOOOO JIMMY THOMAS! That is one hot cover! he just happens to be the same hunky Highlander on my cover]