Season of the Witch by Silver James
Published by Self Pub on 10/27/2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 302
Format: Paperback
Source: author
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Welcome to The Penumbra Papers, the exciting new Urban Fantasy series from award-winning author Silver James. Fans of her Moonstruck series will love the Penumbra Papers. These "Cases from the Shadow's Edge" explore the forces of light and dark as they dance through shadows humans barely glimpsed prior to the Big Rip. Since then, all manner of preternatural magicks intermingle with humans in ways mysterious, magical and, in some cases, criminal. Much to humanity's surprise, there really are monsters under the bed and the things that go bump in the night are bigger and scarier than anyone ever imagined.


Sade Marquis. Her best friend turns furry. Her godfather’s a master vampire. Her mother was once a mistress of the King of the Faerie Court.

After the Veil rips, FBI Special Agent Sade Marquis is picked to head up the newly-formed MAGIC unit. When magic’s in the air, Sade is the agent FBI Director George Bailey wants in the trenches. She's savvy, snarky, and sexy but she may have met her match when she's sent to Chicago to investigate the murder of a congressional aide.

Is the vampire, Kristian St. John, guilty as sin? Once a Templar knight, Sinjen now teaches history at the University of Chicago. He must rely on Sade to clear his name and track the real culprit.

Together, they unravel a thousand-year-old mystery. If they don’t solve it, the world—human and magick—will suffer the consequences unleashed by evil incarnate.

Season of the Witch (The Penumbra Papers Book 1) by Silver James

I really enjoyed this book.  Even though I haven’t read the prequel novella, I didn’t feel lost in any way, and I didn’t feel that the author spent so much time trying to rehash things that if you had read the previous novella you’d get bored.  There’s so much history built in already, and she has a nice way of catching you up without it becoming overly descriptive.  She lets the reader piece it together and trusts our intelligence.  That’s always a big plus in my book!

It took me a little while to really get into Sade’s character, but once I did I really liked her.  She comes off really brash and annoyingly antagonistic but after a few incidents you really start to understand why and get a feel for her.  I can’t wait to read more about her.

The writing was good and the story kept moving at a good pace.  The magic elements that tied into the mystery were really terrifying and exciting.   I liked the personal spins the author put on them.  I also really enjoyed the love interest Kristian St. James (pronounced Sinjen).  Vampire, sexy, professor…what’s not to like? ;P

I also really like her other supernatural creatures – gargoyles, witches, werewolves, oh my! – and the mythos she’s built up for the story and the characters.  Of course the fae are involved and we all know how much I really, really, really dislike them so if she has to destroy the Seelie or Unseelie Court at some point I’ll be there with my blowtorch on.

I’d definitely recommend this series and am looking forward to the next one.

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