Spontaneous Fiction Friday w/ Chloe Stowe
Author of m/m erotica, Chloe is one of my favorite writers.
She has some steamy reads that I have to recommend:
TorchedBarbarianForever BoundTaken
She also has a new release called HARD WATER, which is what she’s giving away to the best addition to her story below…
Ok, here’s the rules. The author starts the story with the inspiration photo below. YOU add to it on the comments. It can be as little or as many words as you like, just be creative.
Also include your email in the end of the comment section. Enter as many times as you like. Just keep the story going!
I found him there. Like a lost puppy. Like a wildflower. Like the finest flesh colored pearl in a discarded shell.

It was unexpected. It was beautiful… he was beautiful.

I didn’t ask why he was there. I didn’t ask why he was standing in my bathtub, hanging off of the shower head like a piece of fuckable meat for sale. I didn’t ask why his eyes were hooded and smoldering, why his cock was already ripe and weeping for my body. I didn’t ask because I didn’t care.

My nightgown was sheer, expensive and now ruined. The only thought I gave it was a fleeting wish that he would rip it from my skin.

As I stepped into the bathtub, into the rushing water that licked across his body like a thousand steaming tongues, I understood his gift to me this night… Control was mine.

I wet my lips as I slid my leg between his thighs..

Okay…Let’s see what you can add!