Hey everyone!  I’m Ky @ Can’t Find a Bookmark and Kelly has been so kind as to invite me as a guest reviewer!  She sent me 3 great books to review and I’m finally done with them! Here’s my review! 
Blood Heat Synopsis: Detective Josie Lewis, a homicide investigator, finds herself looking into two brutal murders in her Illinois town. When a tall sexy suspect makes an appearance she has no idea the turn her life is about to take. Can she trust Grant Stone, or will she become another murder victim?
Blood Desires Synopsis: Kate Andrews’ discovers the diary of her nineteen year old missing sister. When the police offer little help she decides to try to find the girl on her own. The diary leads her to incredibly sexy identical twin brothers, Aiden and Remann, Remann being her prime suspect in her sister’s disappearance. As she investigates, Kate finds herself falling helplessly under Aiden’s seductive spell even as Remann hopes to weave a spell of his own.
Blood Mercy Synopsis:   Valerie McIntyre lived a life of strict control, as a Hunter in the Order of Terminus it was a necessity. Life had left her hard and rough around the edges, which suited Valerie just fine until she meets an intriguing vampire during a hunt. Remann is devastating in both looks and charm, and leaves Valerie feeling vulnerable and burning with lust. As their passion explodes Valerie learns something about Remann that leaves her with a difficult decision–does she trust her heart or turn against her incredibly sexy vampire with the mismatched eyes?
My Review: As  you may have guessed from the synopsis The Order of Terminus books are about a secret society of Hunters who’s mission is to keep the Vampire world and the human world separate.  The whole premise for having a whole sect of the vampire community out there keeping the peace, so to speak, was very cool.  Kind of gives you the mental picture of vampire gunslingers from the wild west.  *imagines this for a sec*   Uhm… never mind.  I don’t want to explore that train of thought.  O.O
Aside from the very disturbing mental image I just had… I have kind of mixed feelings about these books.  I thought the idea was really cool, yet I think the execution just didn’t live up to the story.  These books are only about 50 pages, so events moved WAY fast.   I just wish that these could have been at least 100 pages.  The plot moved way too fast for my taste, especially in the first one.  These had all the potential to be REALLY great books, but because of the lack of tension and plot development they fell a bit flat.  They were still enjoyable reads, don’t get me wrong, but they just didn’t reach their full potential. 
I enjoyed all of the characters and thought they were all unique.  The only things they truly shared was that they all enjoyed kinky sex.  And lots of it.  It’s safe to say that I’m not the biggest fan of erotica.  A little bit is okay once and a while.  In these books there is LOTS of sex.  Hey, if that’s your thing then you’ll probably enjoy them more than I did.  Honestly though, I could have done without  a lot of it.  Erotica’s just not my thing.  *shrugs* 
That’s pretty much all my thoughts on these books.  I hope I’m not discouraging anyone from reading these.  They were good, honestly.  They just were out of my comfort genre.  The story was a really unique idea and I loved the idea of Dissenters (rogue vampires).  It made for a very action packed story, but things just developed a little too rapidly for my taste.  If  you’re looking for a quick read with vampires and lots of steamy sex then these are definitely for you.  Thanks again DemonLover (Kelly) for putting these on my review list for the blog!  Maybe in the future I’ll be a bit more open minded towards erotica.  Lol.