****This is my original review, from last year-I left it unchanged, but would like to add that I am now reading Adam, and the heroine is Jasmine. I really really love this book so far, this is important for when you read my last line of this review. If this author could make me like Jasmine as a heroine, she’s doing something right!

Noah (Nightwalkers, #5)Noah by Jacquelyn Frank

My rating: 3.5 of 5 flames

My thoughts on Noah are a little mixed, so I may be a bit scattered. I think that this whole series has been an interesting mix of an interesting plot, no a fantastic plot, but with overly dramatic and repetitive writing. My main complaint through these 5 books have been the writing. It annoys the crap out of me. BUUUUT, the characters and plot more than make up for it. I mean I did read 5 books here! I must like something!

I hated that Ruth (our villainess extraordinaire) was nowhere to be found. In fact she was mentioned only once. now this would not be a big deal, except that this book was it! Done, the series is finito! Only recently has the author Jacquelyn Frank finally bowed to the masses to write Jasmine’s story. Although to be fair I thought she was an absolute bitch. I mean manipulative and rude. But everyone excuses her because “that’s just how she is.” lame excuse. But my point was that Ruth has had not only an active role in the past 4 books, but a very viscous one at that, with this plan that has been building and building and then we got to book 5 (remember, at the time it was the last in the series!) and then Ruth never showed, was mentioned once in passing and it fizzled.

I know, I know, I still haven’t gotten to Noah and Kestra. So Kes is a druid/human hybrid who basically is human til she meets her Imprinted mate, and then boom, her druid half becomes active. She gets powers and a hot demon king..sweet! too bad she is too stubborn to realize it. Although I liked Kes for the most part. Noah I loved. Alot of the reviews bagged on him for not being his usual strong fearless self, but that’s the whole point with the mate. She throws him off his game. And he does the same to her. Noah used Corrine to find his mate and he used Jacob and Bella’s daughter to take him back in time to save her from an awful death…but he USES their toddler for this. he deliberately kidnaps her and uses her talent…I actually was able to forgive him that, some reviews couldn’t get past that, but it didn’t bother me as much as the over-thinking of everything…Can we get one conversation where the characters don’t withdraw into themselves for a few pages of self-awareness? I’d like one conversation without that please.

I however, did read it cover to cover, and I liked the storyline enough to give it 3.5 stars-but no half ratings right? I think it could have been a 5 star if it weren’t the last in the series, or if it had actually answered some questions there, rather than raising more. Like where is Ruth? What are we to assume, the bad guy never gets their come-uppance? What about Seth and Leah…the future of demonkind? And what about Syreena and Damien? Do they ever get pregnant? I just think that it was too open-ended. I had hoped some questions would be answered in the Shadowdwellers series, but from what I can tell, nothing is resolved. Also, JF is planning on writing Jasmine’s story, but when Noah was written, this was the end of the series-it was written as the end. That is why the loose ends bothered me the most.

So, I have a love/hate relationship with this series, and book. I probably won’t read the next book whenever JF gets around to writing it, since I don’t care enough about Jasmine to want to read her story. Maybe after Damien I could have, but she was uber-bitch in this and I just don’t care.

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