GIVE CHASE….no problem!
Welcome the newest edition to the Man Candy club,

Special thanks to Edwin J’Lebron for the fantastic photography!

I was able to ask Chase a few questions, here’s what I got!

Hey yall, my name is Chase Bauer. I am 24 years old and was born february 8th 1986. I started modeling in July of this year. I was working out in a gym and a guy came up to me and we shared contact info and he got me some shoots w/ some people.
My favorite sport by far is football, huge fan. To stay in shape I work out 6 days a week, for about 90 minutes. You can see more of me on facebook. add me 🙂 !
My waist is 30″, Arms are 15 1/2″ and thats pretty much all i know.
Oh and I’m 5’11, 185lbs.
I myself am satified with that tidbit of information and perfectly content with staring at his photos, lol. Really though, I’m always happy to share the up in coming  models with my readers and maybe see that physique on one of our favorite romance book covers.
We’ll be looking for you Chase!
Want to know where to catch him?