Hello all my peeps. Here’s a little THEO to start your day off right!
DemonLover (me) is officially going to be taking off in 6 hours for RomCon.
What the heck am I doing up still??
Well, I had to get everything ready and make sure the costumes were packed and ready to go.

I will be updating the site with pictures and information throughout the weekend.
Exciting news: I have am interview lined up with Jeaniene Frost, author of the Night Huntress novels.
 I’m also going to try and grab a chat with Monica McCarty while I’m there. She is one of my favorite Historical Romance authors.

Stay tuned for news and updates at the end of the day. Just wait till you see my costume for the Friday night party!!!!
Can you guess who I”m going to be?
Here’s a hint: I wear my hair in braids, I like to take long runs in the forest, I have a friend that’s a vampire and I’m dating a werewolf.
Comment below and tell me what character & book.
The correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a surprise gift!
You only have until midnight on Friday, July 9th PST. So hurry!