Author Amanda J. Greene’s third book in her Rulers of Darkness series has a cover.  A GORGEOUS cover, if I say so myself. Caressed by a Crimson Moon, is Hadrian and Eva’s book.

For those not familiar with the Rulers of Darkness series, it’s Historical Paranormal Romance, and full of sexy, broody vampires. Caressed by Moonlight and Caressed by the Night are both available now, but you’ll have to wait just a wee bit longer for Caressed by a Crimson Moon which is coming this Winter .

You don’t have to wait for the cover, though, so without further ado…

The cover is so fabulous I have to share with all of you…

“Consumed by madness and tormented by dark memories of blood and death, Hadrian Lucretius, King of the Validus Clan, has returned after living in self-imposed exile for nearly three hundred and fifty years.
            To maintain peace with the vampires, Eva Maldonado is offered as a sacrifice to the crazed vampire king by her father, the alpha of the Silveria Shifter Pack. Hadrian’s reputation is both legendary and lethal; he is ruthless, bloodthirsty, lusty, and soulless. When Eva arrives at the ancient fortress high in the Carpathian Mountains, she is shocked to find a ravaged man with dark burning eyes filled with loneliness and dangerous desire.
            Would she be his lover…or his prey? His savior…or his victim? Would Hadrian lure her into madness or would their perilous passion be their redemption?”

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