Title: Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Author: Kresley Cole
Series: Immortals After Dark
Rating: 5 out of 5

This book is fantastic and my favorite of the series so far. Like all of Kresley’s other novels, once you open to the first page it is a battle of wills to put it down until the end.
Our story begins with a look back in Lucia’s secret past, a glimpse of how she came to be.
Lucia the Huntress, THE ARCHER, strong willed, true and determined. Her life has had only one purpose and meaning for these many centuries, until now.

Lucia has been sent on a mission by Nix, her sister and fellow Valkyrie, to put to death 2 of the race called the Kobold. The crime they are charged with is the taking of human children, unchecked this would jeopardize all of the Lorekind. She tracked one of them to an unlikely place, a battle? no a rugby game?, yes… between demons and the Lykae.
What Lucia saw on that field transfixed her, brought her breaths coming in hard, heart pounding…a man, oh no man could look as he does. This was a Lykae, a towering bulk of a being. He radiated strength and confidence, shirtless and rittleds with dirt and sweat he wore only low slung jeans barely hanging onto his sleek, corded stomach…(ok, you get the idea!)

HE is Garreth MacRieve, 2nd to the Lykae throne. Brother to Lachlain MacRieve, king of the Lykae, at least he believed that Lachlain was still alive…even after missing for 150 years. Garreth was playing rugby with his kin and the foul lot of demons, they were the only other opponent strong enough to give the Lykae a run for their money. When they weren’t taking breaks for a swig of the demon brew.
Wait, he sensed movement and he could smell…her! His mate, after all this time here when he was dirty, foul smelling and donned whiskey upon his breath…for the sake of the Gods!

Okay, I think I’ve teased all of you enough that you want to run and get this book.
Oh and MacRieve has a sexy Scottish brogue to DIE for!