I didn’t realize that this was YA when I read it, but I enjoyed it a lot. I got this as an ARC from Netgalley, although I believe the novella is out now.

I would fully recommend reading the books in order. I will immediately getting the other 2 full-length books so that I can “catch up.” Being that I’m not a big fan of YA, I think that for me to want to read more is a huge deal. Fans of Twilight and Shiver will enjoy this series.

The romance is lacking but since this is Young Adult Lit, they would like it since the only thing that happens is a kiss. It was a very clean read, no sex, no cuss words, etc…

The writer does do a good job with the description of the surroundings within the Faery realm. It was beautiful, and the imagery was fantastic.

My favorite part was the appearance of the famous(or infamous) “Big Bad Wolf”, yes the same Big Bad Wolf that went after Little Red Riding Hood.

It’s only 51 pages, and it definitely did it’s job as an interim novella-I now want to read the whole series and it had enough review that I wasn’t completely lost not having read the first book The Iron King.

4 stars

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