Oh My! “deep breath”, this was another whirl wind non-stop thrilling ride by author Daniel Silva. I’m not sure what exactly has facinated me about this series, but I am thoroughly addicted to the main character Gabriel Allon. He is the James Bond of Israel’s secret service. He is sexy, intriguing, alluring and he doesn’t try one damn bit to be so. He is in every way the perfect dream man. Seasoned with years of experience, he is dangerous, smart, sexy and refined; either while wielding a paint brush or a gun.

Have I gotten your attention yet? Well in this novel, Gabriel has just married and is recovering from his last mission. He is sought out by a Russian journalist because of his name and picture recently being run in an article for saving the life of the London’s American ambasador’s daughter, he will only meet with Gabriel.

Due to the fact this person of interest spoke of Russians involved in terrorism and arms dealings, THE OFFICE asked him to go to Moscow and find out what he can; But right under Gabriel’s watch, the Newspaper man is assasinated and dies gasping his last breath while in his arms. Gabriel should be on his honeymoon, but he is drawn into the operation and must see it through. To say the mission is dangerous is an understatement, this might just be his last, ever; neverless the extraction of a woman, her children and the evidence is worth every risk and perhaps his own life.

If you enjoy non-stop excitiment, thrills and moments of edge of your seat action, this is the book to read. You will fall in love with this agent/killer/master painter and wish your life has 1/8th of the excitement this novel brings.