DL is going to the STRIP!
Las Vegas here I come…again!
Hello all, DL here. I am heading to SIN CITY tomorrow and will be there through the weekend.
LOCK up your men!
LOL, no really… I’ll be that woman stalking hardbodies at poolside and looking for
My work is never done… and such a hardship. NOT!
So, while I’m there I promise to get lots of pictures of handsome men and attractions (giggle)
I’m also going to visit with authors I met on the last trip:
C.R. Moss
A.P. Miller
Co-Blogger Highland Hussy is a Vegas native and will be joining in on the fun.
I think we might have a ladies night and take in a Chippendales show this time…
or two!
So while I’m off finding more contestants for the contest, get your hubby or boyfriend to shed that shirt and enter too!
When I get back we will be gearing up for the BLOGMANIA event.
Our two day BLOG GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA, scheduled for September 15th and 16th, is going to be Fabulous. Over 100 blogs are designing giveaways that can be won on those two days only. No giveaway will be valued at less than $100.00, and many are much, much higher. You’re going to have the time of your life as you visit these blogs and sign up for a chance to win their giveaways. Many of them will be offered internationally, as well.
I can’t wait to share what will be included in my FABULOUS FICTION FRENZY contest!
Stay tuned…

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