Have you ever been in the bookstore and not really looking for a book in particular? Ever been drawn to a random piece of literature?
When walking through B&N one day I came across this book. Clive Barker? I remember him, he had something to do with the Dracula movie right? I am not the usual horror reader and know very little about that genre’s authors.
But, I was drawn to this book. Maybe it was the black weathered cover, the antiqued pages or maybe even the first line in the novel to pulled me into this adventure.

“Burn this book”, yes, those were the words that grabbed me and held vice like and unyielding until the very end… How could I not read on, find out why? I couldn’t imagine what circumstances would ever require the burning of a precious book, could I?

It looks harmless enough, right? I mean the book itself from the outside. You’ll never guess what lies within… A demon.
A demon by the name of Jakabok Botch, Mr. B for short.
He is quite a compelling character, testing your very wits and sturdiness of your stomach all in the same breath. He is all that is terrible and vile, yet I might find that I have contracted some feelings towards him…
Could it be compassion? Love? Envy?
What ever the end result, it is the journey in the novel that will cast it’s spell upon you. Prepare to be delighted and appalled simultaneously. This novel, book, journal, no matter not what you call it, will set the bar for all that you read from this very moment forward. This masterpiece is one that must be shared and passed on again and again.
What will you find inside?
The very battle of good and evil, heaven and hell; love and hate…
Don’t be fooled by it’s small stature, dusty cover and simple design; the story within this small book is immense in content and beyond any expectations that I could have had.
Get it, Read it
You’ll love it.