The Ghost HunterThe Ghost Hunter by Lori Brighton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think that this is the best self-published author I’ve ever read. It’s very VERY rare I can finish a self-pubbed book. Usually the grammar is atrocious and you can see the need for an editor. But Ms. Brighton’s book was great. This ebook is only 99 cents, and it’s totally worth it-worth more, IMO.

I enjoyed the plot, and the characters.

Ashley has just inherited an old English pub (and its ghosts), and so she bravely leaves her mom and fiance in the States and off she goes…mind you her mom thinks Ashley is crazy because Ashley can see and talk to ghosts. her fiance had no clue, just thought Ashley was a normal girl, but after her mom told him all their dirty secrets, now he wants to get Ashley “help.”
Ashley’s mom has had her in and out of the looney bin her whole life-poor girl.

So the move to England is her fresh start.

But there’s nothing normal about her little village. For one, the barkeep is part leprechaun, and a French werewolf won’t stop hitting on her.

Enter Cristian. He is a fallen angel, and a warrior. His job is to send ghosts to the other side, but he has a little problem…he can’t see ghosts. At least not clearly-he sees a shimmer, but that’s it. Every generation he works with a new Seer (that’s Ashley here) and she points him at the ghosts, he swipes his sword through them, done! Right?


See Ashley is kind of attached to her ghosts. She thinks Cristian is the bad guy who is “stealing” her ghosts. In fact, Ashley and her new friend Camille kind of sort of accidentally bring one of their ghosts back to life. And not only is Devon sexy and delicious, but he has the same black wing tattoos on his back that Cristian has. And now we have a possible love triangle.

Meanwhile, there is a bit of a problem in the basement…see Ashley’s old pub is built atop an ancient church…and it houses something EVIL! I won’t spoil who or what is locked beneath her pub, but it’s a good twist. I liked the way the evil was dealt with. I liked the characters, the plot twist, I really enjoyed this book.

Only a couple little things bugged me. One was Ashley’s refusal to accept Cristian, his “job” and the fact that what they were doing was end of the earth type stuff, not just Cristian being a jerk. He had a job to do. But to her credit, Cristian never told her any helpful information. He really did keep her in the dark. But it bugged me anyway.
The other was that with Devon in the picture, a lot of history between Devon and Cristian came into play…and Cristian and Ashley would come close to getting it on, and then..Cristian would ask her if she loved Devon. Well Ashley would say, “umm…no?” or “Yes, but not like that.” It got tedious that Cristian, our hero, was constantly painted as the bad guy for Ashley and that she couldn’t see what was in front of her face. He’s a frickin’ ANGEL! He’s the good guy!

Other than that, I really enjoyed this book, and for 99 cents, it is absolutely worth the read…I wish lots of success for Ms. Brighton, because she has a lot of potential to become a fantastic writer.

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