One of the “new to me” authors I discovered while attending Rom-Con in Denver, CO last month was the lovely Anna Campbell. Anna is a delightful author in the genre of Regency and Historical Romance.
We could barely stop laughing long enough to actually do a Q&A, but below are a few questions that made it amongst the joking and girl talk.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I’m actually from Brisbane, Australia but currently live on the Sunshine coast, which is a beautiful area near Morton Bay and is surrounded by wildlife preserves. It’s the perfect place for a romance writer to live.

Q: Have you ever written about the bay you live near?
A: No, the history from that part of Australia is actually quite grim.

Q: We heard a rumor that you don’t drive, why?
A: I never really wanted to drive. We lived on a farm and I tried to drive the tractor and knocked out the electricity pole and we had no electricity for weeks, then I tried again and knocked out the only telephone poll. I even had a go at my brother’s mini bike and I crashed into a brick wall. I think basically I’m challenge and not meant to drive.

We joked that she was destined to have a driver, a really tall, dark and handsome one in a neck cloth and boots, LOL. A woman after my own heart!

Q: What/who inspired you to start writing?
A: Fairy tales and my mother was a romance reader and introduced me to romance novels.
I also had a wonderful primary school teacher named Campbell, who encouraged me and even sent me out of Math class so I could write.
I didn’t realize until later that I had taken the pen name Campbell which was also my grandmother’s name; I believe he really made an impression and that led me to take that name.

Q: Tell me something that not everyone knows about you?
A: I grew up on an Avocado farm. Since avocados actually originated from South America, it’s not too hard to understand why they ended up in Australia; also the cooler weather along the coast and no frost is perfect for farming.

Q: Are you married? Do you have children? Do you have pets?
A: No, No & No. It’s quite a free life. The thing I’d like most is a pet, but it wouldn’t be fair since I’m away from home so much.

Q: Do you have a favorite author/book?
A: Favorite series is by Dorothy Dunnott titled the The Lymond Chronicles, written in the late 60’s. For romance I enjoy books with a good story like those written by Liz Carlyle, Nalini Singh, Madeline Hunter, Christine Wells and even Kathleen Woodiwiss who also happened to be my first romance author to read.

Anna can only be described as effervescent and funny. If Anna’s bubbly personality is any indication of her writing, I believe I will have to add her to my permanent to-read list. She had a way of making you feel like you’re chatting with one of the gals and having a great time doing it.
I’d like to thank Anna for the interview and just getting the chance to know another wonderful author.

Please look for Anna’s current book, MY RECKLESS SURRENDER.
Take a look at this beautiful cover.
You can find it at Amazon and other retailers near you!