Can I actually say that the author told me so? That DJ Manly said that the book was fantastic and I have to agree. My only complaint is that this eBook wasn’t long enough, but I guess that’s why he created Melting Ice II.

DJ Manly captivates you, pulls you in and takes you into this mystery/thriller with a twist. The twist being that this is an m/m erotic novel and it reads as a mainstream mystery. I loved the story and the characters.

Ice or Van, is a sexy, longhaired biker leader; mysterious to the extreme. Brian, a local cop assigned to the gang unit and finds himself thrown to the wolves by one of his own squad; or in this case left for dead in the desert and alone with 2 thugs from the local biker gang. Double crossed and shot, he thought this was the end of the line. He never thought his savior would be the notorious biker leader, ICE. Brian is being held prisoner? Well, at least he thinks he’s being held since there’s a hulking biker guarding the room; but he’d been fed, clothed and his wounds are treated…WTF? He demands to speak to the man in charge, ICE himself. Be careful what you wish for… Brian could have never imagined just what he’d get or what when ICE walked in the door.

I just can’t rave enough! I loved this story, the chemistry between the characters is smoldering. A must read for you all.


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I’m also proud to give DJ Manly the coveted GOLDEN CUCUMBER
The firey moments within the book are scorching!