Legally Yours (Lawyers in Love #1)Legally Yours by Manda Collins

My rating: 4 of 5 flame

This hot little number is a fun read. While it’s marketed as an erotic romance, I would list it as more of a super sexy contemporary romance.

Julie had to drop out of law school to care for her younger sister, but now, nearing her 30th birthday, she’s feeling like she’s in a rut. Her sister is all grown up and attending college, Julie’s great job as a paralegal isn’t feeling so great, and she’s going to be *gasp* 30 in 2 weeks! It doesn’t help that her law school crush is visiting from corporate, and he hasn’t forgotten Julie. So she creates a list. Sort of like a Bucket List, but it’s her Before 30 List. Guess who finds the list?

Matt is working late one night, trying to find a leak in this office, when he finds Julie’s To Do Before 30 List. His mind is blown. They start on the first item right there in the office.

Matt sees that while they’re saying it’s short term, that he can never be short term with Julie. He wants to have a real relationship with her, but will she let him? She’s skittish and ready to bolt at the slightest hint of anything permanent. Will he be able to win her over to his side? Or will she balk at the idea of changing anything about her steady and reliable life?

***Thanks to the author for the review copy

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