Hello all! You know that I am far from mainstream on this book site, never just reviewing the “just released” and I’m always looking for older books and great authors to share with you. Well, I picked up this latest gem and thought I’d pass it along. One of our author-followers, Bonnie Edwards (Hi Bonnie) is included in the anthology.

What women want…The Hard Stuff

MY, my, my… This was some HOT and HARD stuff given to us in this erotic anthology. Authors Karin Tabke, Bonnie Edwards and Sunny gave us 3 delicious stories to enjoy; Stakeout, Body Work & Chinatown.
I enjoyed all 3, but my favorite has to be story #2, Body Work by Bonnie Edwards. She is the master of all that sizzles in this short story. The story was real, what is mean is that it was believable. I was captured by the characters history together and couldn’t wait to see how things would play out. I was able to connect with the story and fantasize that maybe I too, could have had the same encounter with someone from my past. A sexy mechanic and a widowed lady of the house, you don’t even need a little elbow grease to capture your attention. Sparks fly and engines heat up in this hot erotic short, out sexy mechanic, Tyce Branton, was only there to get Lisa Delaney’s cars ready for auction, who knew it was her that needed the tune-up.

My 2nd runner up is Story #1 by Karin Tabke, Stakeout. Karin has the gift for writing one helluva hawt sex scene, WOW! This is an author I will be researching…in detail!
Anyway, this was a cop/FBI story and our sexy female detective, Stevie Cavanaugh, is hot on the trail of a serial killer. Against her wishes, the FBI has brought in an agent to assist with the case. This agent is Jack Thorton, her former instructor at the academy; and the man that delivered THE most mind blowing one night stand she’d ever had. This stakeout just got a lot more crowded.

Story #3 Chinatown by Sunny:
This was another undercover adventure with cops and FBI, but other than steamy sex I found the story bland. Unlike the others, I didn’t find this one believable and quite farfetched. Entertaining, yes.
I think still since the story seemed out of place, so did the happy ending.

In summary, this anthology was great. It is well worth getting for two of the three stories alone. And like always, remember that this is only my opinion and is just that, an opinion. You’ll have to read and decide for yourself.

Happy reading.