First off, bear with me while I explain the 2 star rating I gave this book.

I enjoyed the book as a whole well enough, but some of the thinking behind the storyline had me on a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from confused to a bit upset.
We open with what appears to be a hippie type, RV driving traveler named Heather who stumbles across a small town named Sanctuary. This is good base and very interesting in the beginning. Shannon Mallory has a past, and most of us can relate to her character; having parts of our own past that we feel best left forgotten. In the first 100 pages of this book you are in a state of euphoria and bliss right alongside our heroine. Shannon finds a job, meets new friends, discovers love at first sight, falls head over heels, has an accident, moves in with her beau, “sigh”… yes, all this in the first 100 pages! There was so much crammed into the beginning of this book, I actually thought it could have been split into two separate novels with a little elaboration.

Once past the first 100 pages of “happy happy Care Bear land” the author created, the book started to get interesting. The great moments had suspense, intrigue and a frightening villain. When it was good, it was great: But when it was bad, it was just that.
I am definitely a fan of sex and intimacy in a book, but there is a time and place for everything. Case in point (without giving away too much), a female is kidnapped and taken. She is chained, starving and being tormented mentally and physically by her captor. After a brutal session of her captor’s advances, she dreams that her lover will save her… she decides at that very moment to “knock one off”, yes that means masturbate. NOT an appropriate time.

Our hero Seth was the star of this book. He was sexy, mysterious and I wanted to know more. He’d been estranged from his Native American roots and with the gentle coaxing of Shannon; he begins to bridge the gap that had plagued him for years. Unimaginable circumstances make him turn to the medicine man of his tribe and really find himself. I would have liked to share more of this link with Seth. The author had the bait set and I was on the hook, but she failed to reel this reader in. This book had a serious case of, I don’t know what to write here, let’s add a sex scene!
I would classify this book as a Romantic Thriller that has so much potential, but just fell short. The writing was choppy and bounced back in forth, not allowing the scenes to seamlessly flow from one to another.
Now for the part where I got upset, weather I draws from personal experience or not is not the point, but I must make one.
When a traumatic experience (death, rape, abduction, molestation, kidnapping, torture, etc…) happens in a woman’s or man’s life: there’s absolutely no way, no matter the current bliss, that the victim thinks; I want to return to the scene of the crime later to spend vacations, family time or simply to enjoy the view in springtime? I’m not trying to be harsh, be true love could never erase something so horrific from one’s mind.
This novel had good bones, good intentions and potential. This is my personal opinion only and I ask that everyone must judge for themselves if this book is for them or not. All I can offer is an honest review.
P.Q. Glisson, thank you for the opportunity to take a look at your work. Please forge on and continue your journey as an author, your future as a writer is destined to be great.