Spontaneous Fiction Fridays…
Our inspiration photo:

A different twist on friday’s usual fun; here is an excerpt from Darren Michaels new book
Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story Volume 2
which will be available March 1st.
It is from his story entitled Jennifer, and just so happens to fit with my inspiration photo…


“The door is unlocked, come inside. There is a blindfold hanging on the doorknob, put it on and wait for me.” I push send on my phone delivering the text message to her. I know she is still ten minutes away, but I want her thinking about it for ten agonizing minutes. One of my favorite things in life is the anticipation of sex. The actually sex itself is mind-blowing, and always has been for us; but the excitement we both feel beforehand is a delicious torture that makes life worth living.

She opens the door…“Hello?” she asks. I do not answer. I wait for her to follow her instructions, knowing she will. I hear her keys hit the table and her purse land on the floor. I am hiding in the bedroom, but can picture the scene perfectly. She announces that she is ready, and I quietly enter the living room to find her leaning against the door, blindfold in place. I walk over to her as quietly as I can. “I’m ready!” she says loudly, obviously not hearing me approach. I am standing directly in front of her, and breathe gently against her face to let her know I am there. She jump at first and then smiles, knowing it is about to begin. I push her gently against the door and lean forward to kiss her, stopping just short. I hold my face in front of hers, making her feel my proximity. I trace my lips against her cheek, and across her mouth, but do not let her kiss me….

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