ASH: Son of the Demon God
The Devil

Wow, Can I just say WOW!

D.J. Manly has out done himself on this one. Oh how we fall for the characters of this PNR m/m erotic romance.
Thinks “EROTIC ACHERON” people, and boy is this a yummy and naughty piece of work.

Meet Ash, son of the Demon King, half human-half demon. He shows none of his demon side in his appearance, but he does hold fantastic powers within. Cascading locks of midnight like his mother, he is a mountain of sexuality and sinew; taut rippling muscles and the face of an angel. Though he can, rarely would he need his powers to seduce another, male or female, they simply fall at his feet and beg to be taken. Now, on his eighteenth year, he must travel to the underworld and seek out his father. He will be sent on a quest; a mission that if successful will finally release him from his father’s binding and give him freedom. What he must do is simple enough, isn’t it?

Rush, ruler of the valley of the sun, meditates on the trials he is facing. The war with the Sky people, the warrior known as Ash that leads the armies crushing his people, the ruling pressures and the constant ache of need within him. Though he tries to relieve this constant pressure, the vow…no curse of celibacy thrust upon him by his ancestors is almost unbearable. No matter the temptation, this vow keeps his people safe; keeps them in the light. If he were to falter, submit to his desires, they would all fall into darkness.

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“FANTASTIC, Exciting, Breathtaking and Raw.”

Remember this is m/m and meant for mature readers… 18+ only
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5 stars!