I found Dark Seduction very enjoyable, fast paced and sexy.

The entire premise that the Masters of time have an insatiable appetite for pleasure is quite intriguing…They feed on the ecstacy itself. The Masters are a disciplined and secret brotherhood that exists to ensure the safety of innocents and protection of humanity.

Malcolm Maclean of Dunroch, a newly chosen Master, at the young age of 26 is a mere novice to his extrodinary powers. He has faced tradegy and the underlying evil nature of his gift when events result in the death of an innocent maid. Malcolm is sent to the future to find a page of an ancient tome and finds himself charged with the protection of another innocent, Claire Camden.

Claire Canden is the owner of a small bookstore, single and alone, she lives on the second floor above her shop. What started as the same old, same old night, turned into one she would never forget. Sensors sounded and a pounding rang through the downstairs shop. Someone was at the entrance of her bookstore at this hour? Claire padded down the stairs to the shop’s door to inspect this midnight caller…reagardless of 2 deadbolts and a solid framed wood door, the door exploded from it’s hinges and burst forward into the entrance…

You know that I refuse to tell you all more about this story and as always love to tease and entice you into following this journey on your own.

This novel is well written, but most importantly well thought out. You aren’t confused or mixed up so you forget what time you are in? Past or present. The characters have depth and are intriguing leaving you wanting to know more…

I will definately be continuing onto book #2 in this series Dark Rival

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Rating: 4 Swords