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Lilfrig…for this entry:

Griffin continued delivering soft, wet kisses up the inside of her thigh, his fingers gently separating her glistening folds. Hearing Lexi chuckle, he knw Erik must have made his way back to the bed. Moans of pleasure filling the room, his need to taste Gill growing more urgent.

Without a second thought, he lowers his head down the last inch taking a slow, long, sensual lick of her core. A throaty growl escaping his mouth reassuring her of the pleasure she is about to receive. Gently his glides a finger into her core as he continues to lick, suck, and nibble at her swollen clit. “ So sweet Gill, so hot, I could taste you all night long.”

Her monas driving him wild, pulling his finger back abruptly and thrusting two fingers back in its place. His fingers stroking that sensitive spot deep inside her, his teeth grazing her clit as he sucks the tight nub into his mouth. Her walls tightening around his fingers, he pulls back slowly his eyes making contact with her as they flutter open. Grinning up at her as she begs for more, “not yet love, I am not nearly done with you.”
for this entry:
Gillian scoffed, giving a tilted smile to the boys. “Now you know someone’s gotta keep the camera going.”

Erik peeled Griffin off like a wet pair of swim shorts, stalking with a predatory lope toward Gillian as she huddled for shelter behind the large black lens. His eyes flashed toward Griffin, watching as the blonde mohawk circled the opposite direction. “I don’t think that camera is going to protect you from what I want to do with you.”
Gillian watched slack-jawed as the gorgeous nomad continued to close the distance between them. She stumbled back, only to bump into the oil slicked wall that was Griffin’s chest, his hard cock knocking eagerly against her backside. “Now this is a sandwich I can really sink my teeth in to.”

Erik took the final step, squeezing her between the two hard bodies in an embrace she had no desire to break. Ever. He watched as her eyes darkened and he smelled her desire, hot and musky, mingling with the decadent scent started by their earlier kiss. Looking over her head to catch Griffin’s eyes, he gave a short nod before leaning in, devouring her lips knowing that his companion was grinding his hips possessively against her ass. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth, his hips promising the same pleasure once he got her out of those clothes.
Gillian groaned into Erik’s mouth as she felt four hands roaming over her body, kneading, touching, caressing and probing. She had no idea when the heavy weight of the camera disappeared from her hands, but soon her hands were free to do some exploring of her own. And she planned on returning the favor.
…he *winks*

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A Rush of Wings: Book One of The Maker's SongIn the Blood: Book Two of the Maker's SongBeneath the Skin: Book Three of The Maker's Song

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