Meet Matt Schiermeier & Cameron Earnheart
Quite possibly the sexiest couple I’ve ever seen… Oh and did I mention they are the sweetest guys EVER!
Matt and Cameron have set a new standard of Beauty… but this is not just skin deep. Their pure love and devotion to one another shines through in their images.
I asked them both a few questions:
1. Where are you from? Raised?
Matt: New Melle, MO

Cameron: Batesville, AR

2. When did you start lifting weights/bodybuilding?
Matt: Around the age of 22
Cameron: Around the age of 18

3. When was your first modeling shoot and with what photographer?
Matt: First official modeling shoot was with Photo by Aaron out of Houston,TX. Photography by Aaron at

Cameron: First official modeling shoot was with Cruz Photography out of Miami, FL. Photography by Abel Cruz at

4. What’s your age? Height? Weight?
Matt: age-34, height-5’9, weight-190, hair-dark brown, eyes- brown
Cameron: age-31, height- 5’10, weight 210, hair-blonde, eyes-blue

5. What do you do for fun?
Matt: Traveling, Outdoor activities-hiking, camping, rafting, ECT. Cars, working out, socializing with family and friends.

Cameron: Traveling, working out, cooking, anything outdoors, hanging out with our dog Jake, having a great time and great conversation with friends and family.

6. What is your favorite meal?
Matt: A great steak and potatoes and a cheesy tub of lasagna.
Cameron: A huge salad full of vegetables, fruit, steak, and/or chicken.

7. How long have you two been a couple?
Matt and Cameron: 8 years

8. How did you meet?
Matt and Cameron: We met on a Sunday night in October when Matt ran up, stole the hat off my head, and ran off with it…

9. What is your 5 year plan and where do you see yourself in the future?
Matt and Cameron: Our five year plan is to continue meeting new, creative, influential individuals; all the while learning, growing and developing our company and brand S&E. We go into the next 5 years with an open mind to projects, possibilities, and expanding our horizons. More in depth information about us and our desire for the future can be found at:

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Thanks again Matt & Cameron for being on my site.
Stay tuned! Matt & Cameron will be on an upcoming edition of Naughtilicious Radio with CandiNKelly
I bet you all have questions for them!