Photography by norcalbodz
About William:
I started working out / training at 15 years old as a part of my high school football team. From the time I started until now I have loved to be either in the gym or on some field of play. I played several sports in high school including football, baseball, track, weightlifting, and the gym has helped increase my performance in every way. Ever since picking up my first set of weights I have been hooked. I love the feeling of a good workout, the release it gives you, and the results that come in time. I played college football, however due to several knee injuries I no longer able to play. I also love MMA and enjoy training in different martial arts. I’m very athletic, and as competitive as a person can get. I have learned in life the only way to achieve success is to take control of your situation and more or less grab life by the horns and make it what you want it to be.
I am new to modeling as of September 25-29th I took the trip to Sacramento, California to work with Gary and NorCalBodz, not having any experience in modeling. Gary and I sparked things off from the get go. He made me very comfortable in front of the camera and in no time we were coming out with great stuff. I must say I was surprised with how well we collaborated and just how good things looked on film. I have finally found something I have a new passion for.
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