Wouldn’t you like to have your 2011 DemonLover Man Candy Calendar signed by your favorite month’s model?

For each calendar you purchase, your name will be entered into a drawing to have your calendar
SIGNED and PERSONALIZED by the DemonLover model of your liking.
Don’t worry, if you’ve already purchased….you’re already in the running.

Not only will the model sign his month’s page, he will also include a little note just for you!

Who will you choose?
Cover & August: Simon Howard
January: Brand Will
February: Matt Acton
March: Ivan Rusilko
April: Jeff Grant
May: Julian Fantechi
June: William Price
July: Trevor Adams
September: Stefan Pinto
October: Andrei Claude
November: Markus Reinhardt
December: Anthony Cantanzaro

Pre-Order your Man Candy for 2011