Ecstasy in Darkness (Alien Huntress, #5)Ecstasy in Darkness by Gena Showalter

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***maybe some spoilers***

I haven’t read an Alien Huntress book since, well since the last one. (lol, no really, though it’s been since Bride’s book came out, so a while now).

I was soo excited to get back into this world!

I read the story in Deep Kiss of Winter as my intro to the AH world, and I really liked it, so I borrowed the first couple from a friend and found out I REALLY liked the series. When I saw this one at the store, I went nuts, seriously jumping up and down and making a complete ass out of myself at Target, which fully sucks since I’m there all the time…my 5 yr old told me to “Calm down,” lol. (btw, I’m not kidding)

And now, what I loved about McKell this book:

I loved how this story dealt with two trainees who are girlie girls, BUT know how to kick ass. The opening scene in this book is now on of my all-time favorites. They are sent after McKell, the vampire from Bride’s book who was exiled for not killing her as a child. He is vicious, ruthless, and has the manners of a man from the Regency Era. He was fabulous.

McKell can stop time, so when the AIR trainees kiss (yep, fake lezzie kiss gets ’em every time!) Ava stuns him. So McKell, powerful as he is, stops time, and waits for the stun to wear off-then he strips the girls and leaves them in their bras and panties in the middle of the park! I was cracking up throughout this book. Here’s a quick example:

“he’d sent all three agents back with severe blood loss, missing fingers, and brain damage. Fine. The agents had been brain damaged before encountering McKell, but then, weren’t all men? Exhibit A: Dallas.”

Ava is the agent-in-training who is put in charge of McKell, and those two are quite the smexy pair-I love McKell, I love that he carries a whip, I love that he wears a necklace made of agents’ fingerbones, and I love that he is constantly thrown off guard by Ava. And I especially loved how her bff Noelle kept calling him to annoy him just cuz she could.

Ava and McKell kept the sparks flying throughout the whole book, and at the end, when the big bad thing happens…I loved McKell for his sacrifice, for his love of Ava, and for his orders to Noelle to buy Ava a huge butterscotch latte.

And anyone reading this, I call DIBS on McKell!

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