Juliana Stone is guest posting for us today-let’s give her a warm demonlover’s welcome! And swing by on Friday as well, since Juliana’s our Spontaneous Fiction Friday author.

I got the chance to review His Darkest Salvation recently read my review here and I loved the lush world she created, the dark tortured hero, the story, so much that I bought the first two books. I have not been able to get her jaguar shifters out of my head to the point where she has ruined me for all other shifters. I teased her that her guest post should be about me and bad-boy Declan…and she granted my wish! So enjoy, and comment up a storm!

All right! I’d like to thank Laura for the invite and the chance to have some fun here at Demonlovers this week! Because Laura has been such a sweetie and I THINK she’s kind of sweet on my sorcerer, Declan O’Hara, I thought I’d give her a little treat!

Declan is a sexy Irishman who’s been in all of my Jaguar Warrior Books. In His Darkest Salvation, his role is amped up considerably and his book, Wicked Road to Hell begins a new series for me, The League of Guardians.

The following is an excerpt from his book. No one has read this before….it’s a little snippet and I’ve changed the name of one particular character to protect the innocent! I don think my hostess will mind!

Declan burned inside and leaned down until his lips were beneath the soft lobes of her ears. He felt her shiver as his breath swept across her flesh. That they had an audience was forgotten. At that moment there was only Laura. He grinned wickedly. Oh the things he could do to her.
“Promise? Cause babe you lost me after the word suck and I don’t give a shit where you leave me.”
Laura pushed him away. “I’m being serious.” She was pissed, her colour high and Declan wanted to run his fingers through the thick auburn waves that fell down to her ass.
“I am too.” He moved toward her, taking the last few steps until he’d crowded her against the rickety table. His eyes were flat and for the first time in what seemed like forever, he was relaxed. He had a plan. Declan O’Hara was going to take what he wanted and damn the consequence.
“What exactly do you want O’Hara?” Laura asked when they were alone. Her eyes were huge, hung like jewels in her pale face and her hair caressed her body, where his hands should be.
She looked like an angel but he knew the truth. She was a heartless witch who’d been yanking his chain for years. He smiled wickedly. He would never have an opportunity like this again. Declan O’Hara was gonna have his cake and enjoy eating every last fucking crumb.
His hand slipped along her jaw as he bent toward her.
“What I’ve always wanted.” He said simply. “You.”

You can find Juliana Stone at http://julianastone.com/

His Darkest Salvation releases July 26th