Vampire in Atlantis (Warriors of Poseidon, #7)Vampire in Atlantis
by Alyssa Day

5 Flames = VOLCANIC!

(Mostly) Spoiler-free

One of the problems with having a favorite author is having high expectations. Alyssa Day’s Warriors of Poseidon series was my first paranormal read ever. Add that to the fact that her books just get better and better (I mean I never thought she’d be able to top Brennan’s!) and once you put all that together, well, that’s just a lot of pressure for this book to have. So what happens if this book isn’t awesome? I hate that nervous feeling I get as I crack open a new book from one of my favorite authors.

Why on Earth was I worried?

This book more than delivered. Do we need to say it together? “I shall never doubt Alyssa Day again.” Now repeat.

Daniel is one of my favorite vamp heroes, even if he gets a bit emo at times (hey, it’s understandable! look what’s he’s been through! He thinks he’s the reason the love of his life is dead), and he feels that 11,000 years is plenty. He’s tired, he’s lonely, and he doesn’t see the point in life anymore. He decides to walk into the sun,but he falls into a portal instead.

Serai was one of the maidens frozen and meant to be married to a royal husband to ensure the purity of the Atlantean line(Remember in Atlantis Rising where Prince Conlan was supposed to be engaged to one of these women?). Well, wouldn’t ya know that after 11,000 years she is able to break free of her prison? And what’s the first thing she wants? Escape.

Opening a portal, Serai is all set to run from Atlantis and into freedom, when Daniel falls through the portal and lands at her feet. Daniel thinks he’s in heaven, and she is shocked and confused, but drags him through the portal with her. They had known each other before Atlantis sank beneath the sea! She was the love of his life who he’d thought was dead. He was a blacksmith, she was an Atlantean princess. What a love story!

One of my favorite scenes happens right after they go through the portal. Jack (our tiger shifter-hello hot tiger goodness!) attacks them, and Serai does something soo cool that I can’t spoil it for you. But let’s leave it at she makes Jack roll over and show belly. It was a great scene.

Right about there, we find out that the Emperor, an amethyst from Poseidon’s trident, is what has kept the maidens in stasis for the past 11,000 years. And wouldn’t ya know, someone wants that stone, and wants to use it for evil purposes? I really liked the side-story about the vampire and the witch using that stone. Best quote? From Ivy, the witch, to her teenage son “Don’t threaten the scary vampire.” That scary vampire was actually a pretty cool bad guy, or maybe a not-so-bad guy…

Serai and Daniel have to find the Emperor and get it back to Atlantis, but the capricious portal won’t let anyone through to help. It was great seeing the two of them reconnect-what a love story! And watching Daniel see himself through Serai’s eyes, and not through the tortured-hero-alpha-male blinders he’d been wearing was so beautiful. Can I just sigh for a minute about this book? ::sigh::
The love scenes were so steamy hot, I needed a cold glass of water! And Daniel, in that alpha male “mine” mode? Oh *swoon* I about melted into a puddle. I even cried at one point. Vampire in Atlantis will grip you, and hold you tight til the end of the book, you won’t want it to let you go, and you’ll find yourself slowing down so you can savour the story.

One of my favorite characters is Poseidon himself. I love his cameo appearances in each book, and this one doesn’t fail to disappoint.
“Remember, it’s a dry heat.” Trust me, that will be funny once you’ve read the book πŸ˜‰

**Thank you to Alyssa Day for the ARC
This book releases June 7,2011 and guess who’s next? Quinn and Alaric!!! Their book Heart of Atlantis will come out Jan 3, 2012.