by Julia London

  • Audio CD
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio on MP3-CD (August 12, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1455838780
  • ISBN-13: 978-1455838783
    There’s just something about a good ‘ole Highland romance…
    Though well written, I found the book slow at times and struggled to muddle through. The heroine, Lizzie Beal, was a spitfire and probably what kept me reading. Her unpredictable nature and independent spirit makes you have to find out what occurs next.
    Jack Haines, Earl of Lambourne, is the poor bloke that finds himself handfasted to Lizzie to escape the noose. Somehow though, I think Jack gets all he deserves with this arrangement, payment due maybe for his less then sparkling past with the ladies. He is painted as quite the rogue. Though my attention was surely supposed to focus on our hero, I was left longing for the true gritty rogue of a highlands the title eludes to.
    When Jack and Lizzie finally do collide, the sparks fly, but those moments are short lived and found to be sparse within this novel.
    As a whole, I believe the 3 flames rating is just.
     I just hoped for a little more scandal in this Highland Scandal.
    Book Blurb:
    On the run from the wrathful Prince of Wales, Jack Haines, Earl of Lambourne, is taken prisoner by a Highland laird who makes him an unusual offer: if Jack handfasts his niece, then his life will be spared. The old Highland custom a marriage lasting only a year and a day, unless both partners agree to make it a lifelong vow sounds preferable to Jack to being dragged to London in chains, and when he meets lovely Lizzie Beal, his dilemma starts to seem positively enjoyable. Until the hellion vents her fury…on him! Detesting the scandalous match that will end all her chances of making a respectable marriage, Lizzie can’t abide living intimately with a fugitive nobleman bent on seducing her and then running off. But in teaching her the pleasures of a wife’s duties, Jack sparks within them both a passion that will make him wish he could stay with Lizzie for much longer than a year and a day.