Meet Joann I Martin Sowles
Author of The Brookhaven Vampires series

Joann was kind enough to send me her book for review & grant me an interview. Here’s a little bit about the writer of a great Paranromal Romance book called LANEY.

Where do you currently live?
I currently live in Rocklin. It’s just outside the Sacramento area in Northern California.

Are you Married? kids? pets?
I’ve been married for 12 years and we have two children, ages 10 & 11. We also have 2 great cats that we rescued and a very devoted Australian Shepherd.

What/who/ How did you get started writing?
I begin writing because Laney’s story had formed in my head and I needed to get it out. It got to a point where I felt like I needed to write it more than I wanted to. I still feel that way at times; especially when I’m super busy with everything except writing. I get all antsy and irritable and need to sneak off and get more of her story written to calm myself down. 🙂

Do you want to thank one person in particular for giving that extra push?
My husband has always been completely supportive and when I told him I wanted to write Laney he told me to do it and kept telling me that I could. So I did. He had been a constant support and so helpful with everything.

How many books did you attempt before you were published?
Laney is the first book I’ve ever written and I published myself.

Do you have any MUST haves to write? Food, drink or time?
Not really. I do like to snack while I’m writing and try to be sure it’s something like fruit or nuts but lately it’s been Easter candy. I also like to have a cup of tea – usually peppermint or chamomile – and I shut myself in my room and hope the rest of the house stays somewhat quiet so I can get some writing done.

Which novel is your favorite of your books?
I just have the two, Laney and the soon-to-be-release Darkness, I don’t think I like either of them better than the other. There are definitely aspects to each one that I love, but I’m pretty sure not more than the other one.

Who is your favorite character?
Of the characters that have been introduced, I’d have to say that Laney, Oliver, Felix or Carter would be in the running to be one of my favorites but it’s really hard to chose just one.

How many books do you have in the works now?
I have several. To tell Laney’s story I have at least 4 more. Once I complete her story I plan to write Oliver’s version and several other stories based on characters that have been and have yet to be introduced.

For your next book, what is the name and when is the release date?
The title of book 2 is Darkness. I do not have a specific release date, but I do know it will be released sometime this summer (2011).

What made you write a dark book?
I don’t think Laney is all that dark. I think it has some dark aspects to it but I believe the love story portions make it….

Do you like writing the hot romance scenes?
I do! *blushing a little*

Do you have plans for another new book/series?
I do. Like I mentioned before, I plan to finish up Laney’s story and then tell several of the other character’s stories. I also have several other ideas in the works that aren’t related to The Brookehaven Vampires world.

What is the 1st book you remember reading and falling in love with?
The Princess Bride (The ‘good parts’ version). I wasn’t much of a reader and a friend lent me a copy. She kept telling me that it was such a good read and that I would love it. Well, she was right. So much so that I never gave her copy back. Terrible, huh? I love the way William Goldman retold this story. He did an amazing job and made it such a fun read. I think I might need to reread it again.

Who are your favorite authors? Favorite series?
My absolute favorite authors and series are Rachel Caine and her Morganville series, Charlaine Harris and her Sookie Stackhouse novels, Christopher Paolini and his Inheritance Cycle, and JK Rowling and her Harry Potter series.

What is your favorite quote?
“I would rather regret the things I have done than the things I have not.” Lucille Ball

Do you have a favorite book cover?
I love books! Their covers are what draw me to them and I have a lot of favorites but I can’t imagine trying to narrow it down to one.

Naughtiest book you ever read?
Any of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

I’d like to say thank you for this great interview and I’d also like to say thank you to all who have taken time to stop by and read it. The second installment of Laney’s story, Darkness, will be released this summer. I invite all of you to visit my website where you can read the first 3 chapters of Laney.
Enjoy! ~Joann I Martin Sowles

4 Flames! Smokin Hot!!
I really enjoyed Laney, and thought that the book was very well written. Kudos for a first book and self Pub to boot.
The author definately had the art of sexual tension down to a science by the end of the book, I’m deperately waiting to find out what happens next between our main characters, Laney Alexander and Oliver Knight.
In the end it’s refreshing to have a NEW vampire book. By new, I mean the ability to look at a PNR vampire book through fresh eyes. Nothing about this book was predictable, quite the opposite.
A quick, enjoyable read…and a page turner as well.
I venture to say that this first book in the series could even have fallen into the YA paranormal fiction catorgory, nothing too sexual ot graphic. But, the author assures me that things are going to heat up in the next book, DARKNESS, so it MUST remain in the Adult PNR genre.
No matter the label, LANEY can’t simply be classified as a good read. So I suggest you take a look.
You can fine out more about the book & the author at: